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Friday, April 29, 2011


IBEW Locals  289, 986, 1106 and 1431 Bargaining Update

We apologize for the delay in updating the site. The date of the next meeting with Frontier was just agreed to and we wanted to include it in this update.  We are currently scheduled to meet June 6-11 with the company and a Federal Mediator per the MOA. The main topics of bargaining are the Pension, Medical and Dental benefits, Short term disability, 401K and Combining job titles with the work. There are many MOA’s in the 5 Collective Bargaining agreements that expire and need to be renewed.  Please make sure you attend your union meetings for more detailed information.  We need every member to where there union shirt on every Thursday and at every Company Meeting. United we bargain Divided we beg!

Michael J. Brousseau
SCT-7 Chairman
Business Manager
IBEW Local 1106

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IBEW Locals 289, 986, 1106 and 1431 Still negotiating with Frontier

IBEW, Frontier Negotiations Continue

April 13, 2011

IBEW telecom lineman

After months of talks, the latest round of negotiations between Frontier Communications and IBEW workers in four states came to a close April 1 – with no tentative agreements on any proposals put forth by the two parties.

Talks now move into a new phase of negotiations after the March 26 expiration of the current contract, which covers nearly 1,000 technicians, administrative workers and other employees. IBEW and Frontier representatives will meet again at the table from April 11-21. Members will remain covered under the previous agreement as discussions continue. Union negotiators are fending off company attacks on members of Durham, N.C., Local 289; Norwalk, Ohio, Local 986; Mason, Mich., Local 1106; and Sumter, S.C., 1431, who worked for Verizon before the company sold its rural landline services in 13 states to Frontier last year. Frontier’s current proposals include concessions and takebacks regarding wages, benefits, changes in overtime pay, schedule requests and other issues. Said Local 1106 Business Manager Mike Brousseau, who is lead negotiator and chairman of System Council T-7, which has about 3,500 former Verizon workers nationwide:The company believes that all of their concessionary proposals to diminish the level of benefits and working conditions are reasonable. Our bargaining committee has vehemently expressed its disgust with Frontier’s attempt to gut our contracts.  If Frontier and the IBEW do not reach an agreement by late April, discussions will move to federal mediation. Brousseau said:

We need every member to support their bargaining committee throughout these contract negotiations.
The four locals help comprise the union’s System Council T-7.

Negotiators are also in talks to improve wages and benefits for members who are covered under the buried service wire agreement – a separate national contract for employees who lay and maintain wire underground.
Frontier purchased Verizon’s landlines in July 2010. Frontier has proven to be a successful company, avoiding the fate of FairPoint Communications, Inc., which acquired a chunk of Verizon’s landlines in 2008 before declaring bankruptcy the following year.

Monday, April 18, 2011


On Friday April 11, 2011 we received notice from the Arbitrator that we WON Penny Ferguson's Arbitration.  Penny will start back in Directory on Tuesday April 19th.  Penny was terminated in June 2010, Penny must be made whole with pay and benefits.

Arbitration Date for LD Job is set for July 19th.


The company and union agreed to the following terms of the save team project.

1.  By May 12th the company will inform us if they plan on posting new Save Team permanent jobs or continue to utilize save team as a project.

2.  If the company chooses to continue as a project, then four new individuals will fill the positions of the members who have went over six months ago.

3.  If posting as a new job classification the union will be looking for pay to be on Schedule B.

4.  All time worked on project can not be used towards experience.

5.  Company will post new WAH jobs by the end of July.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Call To All NY Work at Home Reps


Message From Kathy Kalesa:

 We have a Labor Management meeting Thursday May 12, 2011

 I need to have all your issues and concerns.

 I would like to have them ASAP so I can put it all together, you can contact me via home email or at the union meeting , Thursday April 14th. Johnstown

Please do not sent via company email.


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