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Saturday, May 25, 2013

NOC relocating to Allen, Texas

On May 21, 2013 we received notice from Frontier that 27  NOC jobs will be leaving Johnstown and the company will be moving the jobs to Allen, Texas.

The first set of layoffs will be on August 23 and the final one on November 15th.

Each member received their layoff letter on Tuesday May 21st.  In the letter it detailed where they can bump and if they chose to take termination allowance, what that allowance would be.

In the letter it stated where each NOC technician can bump  in the Communications Technician classification.   This section has been amended and corrected, a NOC technician can bump  ANY Comm Tech in ANY reporting center (or any other member in any classification in the CBA)where there is a member with less seniority, NOT just the locations posted in your letter. Article 12.04 of the collective bargaining agreement provides you this option. 

If you have any questions please free to contact Gil.

Layoff Schedule:

August 23, 2013         -  3 NOC Technicians
September 20, 2013   - 12 NOC Technicians
October 25, 2013       -   8 NOC Technicians
November 15, 2013   -   4 NOC Technicians