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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Concession Arbitration Update

On Friday February 17th we met in Albany with the arbitrator.  After the opening statements by both attorneys the arbitrator ordered both parties back to the negotiating table to discuss the concession language. The arbitrator ruled that he will oversee the process and that we had sixty days to agree to an arangement for concession.  If we can not come to an agreement within the sixty days then he will proceed with the testimony process. 
The following dates were agreed upon to meet an negotiate.

Feb 17

Mar  5

Mar 20

Mar 21

Apr  3

 If more dates are needed prior to our return date of May 3rd we will schedule more.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Great Turnout !!!!

Last night in Sherburne over 54 members attended the member orientation meeting.  We want to thank everyone who attended and participated in this event. It is nights like last night that will move us in the right direction and keep our unity alive.  Thank you and look forward to seeing all of you next month.  Remember bring a friend.

January & February Anniversaries

45 Years

Ed Page

40 Years

Gary Lee
Alicia Livingston

30 Years

Carol brown Malcolm

25 Years

Richard Ernst

15 Years

Michelle Buell
Scott Ernst

10 Years

Jennifer Hyrniak

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


  1.  As of today February 1, 2012 Kelly has returned back to work in the retail store. 
  2.  As of January 26, 2012  we submitted the paperwork to  go to Arbitration for Shelley.
  3. Friday February 3rd, All Retail stores will close.
  4. Monday February 6th Middletown Visit
  5. Tuesday February 7th, in Sherburne will be a Member Orientation Meeting
  6.  Friday February 17th will bo our concession Arbitration