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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Come Together!

We had some special guests at our negotiation session today. Besides our committee we had John Pusloskie, President from CWA Local 1170 Rochester, Brian Scott, Business Manager from IBEW Local 503 Monroe and John Kaiser, Business Manager from IBEW 320 Sylvan Lake,NY. CWA 1170 commences bargaining in January and IBEW 503 commences bargaining in January.

Working people are under attack everywhere. We ALL STRONGLY feel that it is time to "Come Together" and help each other.

We all have responsibilities and families to take care of. We need a FAIR CONTRACT THIS TIME. The people feel they were taken advantage of with the furlough. We are through with the disrespect shown to us as loyal employees at the bargaining table.

It seems that the company has been pushing for us to keep losing ground. The people are at their breaking point and we are not asking for the moon either. We, your loyal employees, are done being pushed around just for the sport of it.

It's time for you to be fair to us.

Everyone who works for their paycheck.....

Come Together.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Which Side Are You On? 363 Members Meet Here, Talk Here

After having met with our members to formulate our plan, bargaining has already begun for the new contract. We know that we have a tough negotiation ahead of us this year. IBEW Local 363 wants our members to be able to voice their opinions about what they want, what they fear and what they feel.

IBEW 363 wanted to provide our members and members from other locals with a way to compare notes and exchange things they may have heard or just to express themselves. It is important that we all stay as tight as we have been leading up to this. This is a different negotiations for us too. We are strongly together this year!

Let's talk about what we hope to see happen in these meetings. Open discussion is encouraged and we want our people to show that we ARE together in this. We are one. Everything about our contract and SOLIDARITY is what we want to open dialog on.

Comments that are not suitable for the general public will not be processed. Personal attacks on any member will not be processed. Profane language will not be processed.

Which Side Are YOU On?


Keep it clean and let it rip.