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Thursday, November 10, 2016


WHAT DO WE WANT ???????????????
WHEN DO WE WANT IT ???????????? 
ITS UP TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. what did Verizon get???

  2. What did the give Verizon FTR13 ?

  3. Stand up and yell at your scheduled times every day! We can win this!

  4. Our jobs should be protected!! We are the ones who have stuck with the company through thick and thin, and it's gotten pretty thin!!! Yet here we are, underpaid and losing our jobs because the company is restructuring.

  5. Every other contract has job security language, why not ours? NY is who always guides the other ares, NY is who always cleans up the mess...yet we get shit on contract after contract. If the company didn't have NY to clean up their their conversion messes then it'd be a Fairpoint fiasco all over again. We're working our asses off to keep the company afloat and we get NO recognition for it. PS Frontier, your restructuring efforts make NO sense what so ever. Why not ask your old timers for suggestions on how to make your company great again. WE'VE been here the longest and know how it should be done!!!

  6. All I see are a bunch of people with their hand out. The company will never respect us unless we show them we mean business, that means 2 things. It means 1, we continue to work hard and not slack off like our code of excellence says we will. It means 2, we demand respect because we earn respect. Right now, most of us, look like a bunch of babies with our hands out. What happened to the code of excellence?

    1. MANAGEMENT TROLL ALERT. To be fair, yes, there is a code of excellence, and- yes, We are to give 8 hours of work for 8 hours of pay. If "all I see is a bunch of people with their hand out", then You're not looking hard enough, and being very disrespectful. What I see is a Management that simply cannot (or stubbornly will not) figure out how to complete the work, without unending Overtime. It's simply a fact that as overtime goes on, without any break, workers experience burnout, and lose focus, increasing mistakes, which increases "backlog". As a Company, We're creating Our own problems, magnified by an ineffective management, at best. And, at worst, an incompetent one. BOTTOM LINE: We DO deserve a fair contract, and will fight for one, no matter what.

  7. Who are you???? Managment ??? You sure sound like managment to me ,Code of Excellence .Really come on now .... when this company decides to stop the BS and play fair and really look at who keeps this crappy service going each and every day to make sure Our customers not FTRs customers have there service up and running as bad as it is and take the brunt of the complaints each and every day against this company then talk to us about code of excellence they never ever practice what they preach so for now Back Off This is our fight and we will stand together we will make you and your management team sit up and notice and if this contract is passed and 2 months later we are played off then so be it but we will know one thing for sure and that is that FTR truly could care less about the people behind the scenes who made them who they are today from a 3 state Phone company (citizens) to a 29 state telecommunications company.. If you are not here to support us then BACK OFF...We are more united today than in past contracts we will not back down .Not this time ........

  8. "Solidarity"November 16, 2016 at 3:37 PM

    Anyone who posts anonymous is management.

    What is wrong with showing your name. What is the issue?

  9. Are you managment ? I don't see you disclosing your name ! No matter what you use for your name we who are craft can smell a member of the kool aid brigade every time , So if your here to troll back off if your here to support then do so otherwise keep your comments to your self. This is not over yet.